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Краснодарский край, г. Краснодар, улица Красина, 2 Краснодарский край, г. Краснодар, улица Красина, 2
+7 861 268-54-29 +7 861 268-54-29
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The only in the Krasnodar Territory Museum of military equipment "Weapon of Victory" is located in the open air in the park "30th anniversary of Victory". Entry is free. Here you can find real military equipment: tanks, guns, anti-aircraft guns, the legendary Katyusha and other weapons of the Soviet period - a total of 40 exhibits. There is even a submarine, it is moored to the shore on the embankment. You can not only look at it, but also go inside. Excursions in the compartments are conducted regularly. The oldest exhibit of the museum is the self-propelled artillery installation of 1938. In the museum, you can also see ballistic missiles and homing torpedoes of the 1980s. Each exhibit has an information board. Technique can touch hands, allowed to climb inside the machine. A memorial stele has been installed on the territory of the museum with the immortalized names of the Heroes of the Soviet Union, who were awarded the highest military award for participating in battles with the Nazis in the Kuban. Along the perimeter of the site are benches that visitors can use to relax.
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