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Красноярский край, г Красноярск Красноярский край, г Красноярск
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Flower sculptures - one of the types of vertical gardening - are very popular in many cities of Europe and Russia. In Krasnoyarsk, this method of decorating the landscape began to develop rapidly since 2002. To date, there are 52 figures. About 500 thousand flowers are grown annually for decoration of green sculptures. In different parts of the city, children and adults are pleased with whole flower arrangements: Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka, Paraskeva Friday Chapel and a cannon, families of elephants, giraffes, elks, bears, turtles. The multi-colored Rooster is located near the building of the Musical Theater, the floral Bear is located near the building of the city administration. Today, voluminous flower figures have become a familiar element of the urban environment. Flowering from early summer until late autumn, green sculptures adorn the city and give a good mood to all travelers. The technology of creation is as follows - the skeleton is made of thick metal wire, then the soil is placed inside, which is treated with a special nutrient solution. Now begins the painstaking work of landscapers - you need to carefully plant the seedlings. And then another miracle arises. The city every year becomes more beautiful and more comfortable. In winter, some figures are decorated with electric illumination, and, dressed in such a sparkling fur coat, flower friends are waiting for next spring. More than a hundred experts are engaged in the creation and renovation of flower sculptures, which have become a real visiting card of Krasnoyarsk.
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