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Красноярский край, г Красноярск Красноярский край, г Красноярск
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Rock "Arch" - one of the most beautiful rocks of the whole Torgashinsky ridge. It is located on the western slope of the Torgashinsky ridge near a birch grove. There is also an organized resting place, and the rock itself is literally 50 meters away from it. Actually, it is difficult to call it a rock, rather it is a rock spur with a through cave. The review from "Arch" is truly phenomenal. The entire valley of Bazaihi is visible from the Kovrigi cliffs to the Wyshka mountain, and further to the Yenisei narrow and deep dips of the Bazaiha-Kaltata and Mokhovaya tributaries cut the Stolbovo highlands into blocks, and crowning the blocks, the Takmaka cliffs, the Chinese wall and distant Pillars rise up. Taiga is turning green, rivers are noisy. The “arch” stands out sharply on a steep slope towards the valley of Bazaihi. A well-marked path leads to it. The very "cave" of natural origin, hand-made (although one legend claims the opposite). So the nature has tried that such a natural monument is now in close proximity to the millionth city. Vryat someone rock "Arch" will leave indifferent. Hence, a large number of legends, enveloping this place: from the parking of ancient people to the storeroom during the civil war.
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