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Красноярский край, г Красноярск Красноярский край, г Красноярск
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The Red Crest rock is located on the eastern slope of the Torgashinsky ridge closest to the city. At its foot, the river Baziha flows and a large holiday village is located, which goes further along the river bank. On the right - there is the Goat Cape cliff, and behind the SNT “Health”. With the road, the road comes almost to the top of the Red Crest. From the cliff there is a view of the valley of the Bazaiha River and the village of the same name, the right and left bank of Krasnoyarsk. On the right you can see the arrow of the 4th and Zheleznodorozhny bridges and Afontov Mountain. Right - view of the reserve "Stolby". In the foreground is the towering and massive "Takmak", as well as "Watchdog", "Ermak" and so on. On the left, country health camps and the Takmak Spa Hotel are visible. We can safely say that this is one of the best observation points of the city. Easy access and proximity to the city made the rock "Red ridge" one of the favorite places of the townspeople. In addition to the opening beautiful views, this rock is a real find for isotericists and geologists. For the former, the “Red Crest” is a place of power and anomalies, for the latter it is a way to study what was in place of modern Krasnoyarsk many millions of years ago. The Red Crest is shrouded in mystery and legend. An interesting version of the origin of the rock. The fact is that in antiquity the place where Krasnoyarsk is now was at the bottom of a large ocean. Over time, the ocean dried up. Its remains can be observed in Khakassia - lakes Tus, Belyo, Shira. And the "Red Crest" - from the same era. The fact is that the material from which the rock consists is the cornified remains of marine animals and silt. And in general, the entire eastern slope of the Torgashinsky ridge consists of such fossils, which form marble under certain processing conditions. In general, geologists have something to learn. In addition, the rock attracts more lovers of esotericism. The fact is that there are eyewitness accounts of the manifestation of so-called gravity anomalies on the rock. Here is the testimony of a certain citizen V. Antrakov: “It was in the summer of 1977. Climbing up on the Red Crest, I stopped, admiring the view of the Bazanha Canyon that opened up. my head, bound my arms and legs, and, tearing me off the ground, lifted me up in the air and carried me to the side of the cliff. I was gripped by the horror that now I would fall to the bottom of the gorge and break myself. height of three meters. Of course, hurt himself, but not very. He rose and went down to more to try fate. In front of me, in earnest, in fear, those boys ran away ... Two years later, I walked along the bottom of the very same Baziha Canyon towards the summer camp where I worked as a Pioneer leader. a strong push to the chest that fell over onto my back. I immediately realized that I once again faced the manifestation of the same mysterious force that once lifted me into the air. "Believing this or not is everyone’s business, but the fact that this rock just fanned by various rumors and legends does not doubt her unique flaxity
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