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Красноярский край, г Красноярск, Свердловский р-н, снт Мраморный карьер Красноярский край, г Красноярск, Свердловский р-н, снт Мраморный карьер
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The second Torgashinskaya type is one of the most beautiful places on the ridge. From it opens a beautiful view of the valley of the river Baziha. It can be seen as the river passes its winding path between the hills and goes beyond the horizon, being lost between them. On the left, you can see the highest mountain in the vicinity of Krasnoyarsk - “Abatak”. It is 120 meters higher than the famous “Black Hill”, but since it is “hidden” inside the ridge, it does not have such a mass visit by citizens. On the right we see a large panorama of the Stolby reserve. We observe the peaks of many peaks - Caltat wall, Poimba, Wild, Otklichnye and so on. With vidovka also visible cordon "Sinzhul" - it was created specifically for the protection of the reserve "Stolby". Access to the typesette is open around the clock and anyone, even a novice tourist, can easily reach it.
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