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Курская обл, г Курск Курская обл, г Курск
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According to the legends, the first underground passages were laid after the construction of the women's and men's monasteries for security purposes. These passages were intended for communication between the main fortifications, reconnaissance, withdrawal of the population outside the fortress, as well as the secret passage to the fortress of reinforcements and the supply of water and food. In the archives there is evidence of an employee of the former cinema "October" (now Znamensky Cathedral) that in the basement of the building there are several doors leading into the cave. In the carpentry workshop there is a metal door leading to the underground passage connecting the monastery with the Upper Trinity Church. With the liberation of Kursk from the German invaders, the Germans hid in the huge basements of the Znamensky Cathedral and did not manage to escape from the city. Perhaps the Nazis knew about the moves and hoped to use them, thereby avoiding the Soviet captivity. It is also known that the Germans tried to find a way out of the basement through underground passages.
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