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Республика Алтай, с. Манжерок Республика Алтай, с. Манжерок
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One of the attractions of Gorny Altai is the chair lift in Manzherok; The ascent from the excursion to the Sinyukha mountain is a popular tourist attraction. About thirty minutes leisurely rising above the slope of the mountain, you can admire the surrounding nature. The slopes of the mountain are covered with a mixed forest, in the spring cliffs are decorated with blooming maral, rosehips and meadows of orange lights. When descending from the mountain overlooking the lake Manzherok. The length of the entire lift is 2389 m. The height of the observation deck is 1012 m. From the observation deck of the cableway offers a beautiful view. From here Katlun, Manzherok Lake, is clearly visible, to the left of the lake is the village of Ozernoye, along the Katuni is the village of Manzherok. Waves of mountains stretch to the very horizon.
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