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Россия, Тула, ул. Демонстрации, 1Г Россия, Тула, ул. Демонстрации, 1Г
+7 487 252-05-22 +7 487 252-05-22
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"3D Dental Clinic Nova Dent" is one of the most modern dentistry in the center of Tula, providing an extensive range of services for the treatment of teeth and gums. In the dental clinic, specialists take such areas as: oral hygiene, therapy, endodontics, orthopedics, orthodontics, surgery, implantation, periodontology and gnathology. Dental clinic Nova Dent is equipped with modern medical equipment. The X-ray room of our clinic is equipped with a 3D computer tomograph, which allows a specialist to make the diagnosis as accurately and correctly as possible. Complicated endodontic treatment in our clinic is carried out with the help of a dental microscope, which allows high-quality treatment of root canals of the tooth. 3D stomatology Nova-Dent is equipped with modern computer anesthesia, thanks to which the whole anesthesia process is as comfortable and painless for the patient as possible. All specialists and nursing staff of our 3D dentistry constantly improve their knowledge and improve their skills by visiting numerous dental exhibitions, seminars, courses and trainings. The price policy of 3D dentistry Nova Dent is determined by the quality of treatment and the qualifications of all dentists of our clinic.
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