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Тула, Демонстрации, 141 Тула, Демонстрации, 141
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In our SmileSpa Clinic for Aesthetic and Functional Dentistry, we often meet with such patients and know how to help them. First of all, the patient should feel that we are not indifferent to his condition, we know that this fear can itself cause serious illnesses from the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Doctors of the Clinic will attentively listen to you at the first admission and prepare an individual program of special preparation for the next visit. After the first stage of treatment, patients claim that there is no more fear. This is because during the treatment the patient does not experience the expected pain and discomfort. Music plays in the offices, the movements of the doctors are calm and confident. The patient is surrounded by the care and attention of the staff. To date, all diseases of the teeth and oral cavity are well studied, only their treatment methods are changing. They will be improved from year to year, becoming more qualitative, sparing, effective and painless. We follow all the innovations in the field of dentistry and apply them in our practice, not sparing on it neither time nor money. We have the opportunity to work on the equipment and materials of the latest generation, which allows for high-precision diagnostics and high-quality treatment! In our clinic there are collected dentists, who undergo annual training in the best American, European and domestic training centers. The qualification of specialists is confirmed not only by diplomas and certificates, but also by hundreds of patients satisfied with the quality treatment.
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