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Белгородская обл., Алексеевский р-н, с. Меняйлово Белгородская обл., Алексеевский р-н, с. Меняйлово
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The origin of the old mill, which is a monument of antiquity and the brand of the rural settlement of Menyaylovo, is still unknown for certain. By type of design, the windmill Menaylov is a pillar-type mill, that is, it could turn around the whole oak column. Its body was erected on a timbered circle - swivel. The blades spun up the wind flow, and the right direction was set by the so-called rotate. The history of the construction of the mill dates back to the 19th – 20th centuries. At its present location, it was installed in the late 1960s by order of the chairman of the local kolkhoz Nikolay Doroshenko. There is an opinion that the mill was first established on the Shaposhnikov farm, then it was transferred to the Farm of Tarakanov, and after that - to Menyaylovo.
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