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Cabinet Museum N.I. Vavilova was opened on the day of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great scientist - November 25, 1987. The idea of ​​creating a museum arose in 1970, when a scientific conference was held in Saratov, devoted to the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the law of homologous series in hereditary variation. The younger son, N.I. Vavilov - Yuri Nikolayevich Vavilov, who gave the museum photocopies of letters, manuscripts of his father, his photographs, works and literature about him. The closest staff and students of N.I. Vavilova on VIR, - graduates of the Saratov Agricultural Institute, - F.Kh. Bakhteev, A.Kh. Bakhteev, A.I. Mordvinkina, E.N. Sinskoi, A.A. Filatenko, Professor N.A. Tyumyakov, head of the department of the regional library for children and youth named after A.S. Pushkin A.B. Beloglazova, a professor at the Moscow Agricultural Academy of Atabekov. When creating the exhibition, it was decided to place all the authentic items in a separate room, and take the second room under the exhibition dedicated to the life and work of the great scientist. 8 large themed stands dedicated to the Moscow, Saratov and Petrograd-Leningrad periods of N.I. Vavilov, his travels around the globe, public and state activities and the perpetuation of his memory in Saratov, Russia and other countries, as well as the showcases in which N.I. Vavilov, his manuscripts and literature about him. The museum stores almost all the published works of N.I. Vavilova (about 400), the first editions of all the works of the Saratov period (1917-1922) with his autographs, including the most prominent ones: "The law of homologous series in hereditary variation" (1920), "Plant immunity to infectious diseases" ( 1918-1919.), "Field crops of the South-East" (1922), as well as copies of his Saratov letters and almost all books devoted to N.I. Vavilov.
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