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респ Бурятия, Тункинский р-н, поселок Монды респ Бурятия, Тункинский р-н, поселок Монды
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The name of this place, “Nuhan-Daban”, literally means “Pass-Gate”. For more than three centuries, the equestrian path to the Nuhan-Daban Pass was the path of life: the first and now the only road from the Tunkinka Valley to the Okinsky District appeared only forty years ago. The trail through Nuhan-Daban approaches directly to a large hole in the rock about 4 meters in diameter, which, according to legend, was pierced by the arrow of the hero of the national epos "Geser". According to beliefs, after going through this “womb of the mother,” a person feels as if he was born again. And in order to achieve complete purification, you need to go through the entire Nuhan Daban pass - that is, climb to an altitude of 2300 meters.
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