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Пермский край, Чердынский р-н, поселок Чусовской, ул Восточная Пермский край, Чердынский р-н, поселок Чусовской, ул Восточная
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Chusovskoye - the largest lake in the Perm region, it is located near the border with the Komi Republic. The lake belongs to the Kama basin district, is the source of the river Visherka. Flowing and shallow water, in the coldest years Chusovskoe freezes through completely. It has the shape of a saucer, the line of the coast is poorly cut. The western and eastern shores are mostly sandy, with silt in the open part. Lake Chusovskoe is a large spawning ground and a feeding pond for fish. Here a perch weighing up to 1.5 kg is found in large quantities, pike is up to 12 kg, and up to 2 kg of ide, bream, dace, pike perch, roach, ruff and burbot can weigh at least 2 kg can be caught. In winter, grayling rolls along tributaries, but at this time fish are usually caught not on the lake itself, but on the Berezovka river and in the headwaters of the Visherka. Fishermen say that the pike on the lake is not frightened, does not resist when dredging, but stands in surprise in the water. But there is a fishing trip on Chusovskoy and a minus: it is quite difficult to get to the lake, here only special equipment will pass - ATVs, snowmobiles, snow and swamp-going vehicles and so on. Some prefer to leave on a plane or helicopter from Perm to a. Chusovskoe south of the lake. On the shore of the lake there is an abandoned fishing artel: two houses and a smokehouse. This gang used to extract up to 30 tons of fish per year. A team of fishermen from the Cherdynsky fishing area was located in the Bathhouse, and a stationary meteorological station was also located here.
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