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респ Саха /Якутия/, Оймяконский улус, село Агаякан респ Саха /Якутия/, Оймяконский улус, село Агаякан
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Sordonnokhsky nasleg is located in Oymyakonsky district of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Splendor is famous for the fact that in its rivers there is a huge amount of grayling, and not a small one. The weight of the largest copies reaches 1.2 kilograms. The upper reaches of the Tuor — Yuryakh and Buor — Yuryakh rivers in autumn become a kind of paradise for fishermen. At this time, one can observe how a huge number of children, young people and elderly people go out of the village to go fishing. Starting from mid-August, the grayling begins to pile up into small flocks, and by the beginning of September it is going to huge shoals. Whether fishing is successful or not depends on the weather and the bait. Locals usually use the earthworm as bait, and also make them jump for the fly. Some fish on a float, and some donk, depending on the natural conditions of the fishing place. In addition to excellent fishing, tourists will enjoy the beautiful nature and the purest water of the Indigirka River. Local fishermen can give useful tips and share experiences. Tourists are advised to take along rubber low boots, warm and changeable clothes, sleeping tourist (optional) tent, mosquito repellent, light rain cover, light sleeping bag, personal hiking utensils.
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