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Алтайский край, Барнаул Алтайский край, Барнаул
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The Altai Territory is evenly covered with a network of roads, so cycle tourism is developing quite actively here. The main road of the region is the famous Chui tract, the federal highway (M-52). The bike is subject to any roads and trails. In many places where a pedestrian will pass, a cyclist can also pass. For traveling around Altai we can recommend road-type bikes. During preparation for the hike, all major rotating and switching components should be carefully adjusted. In this case, it is desirable to carry out a complete disassembly and assembly of the relevant components, which will give the necessary skills that will always be useful in field conditions. It is also necessary to strengthen the front and rear trunks, to make and secure backpack-type bicycle bags, to make clips for belt sets, etc. In the process of pre-training, it is necessary to finally determine the position of the saddle, the height and inclination of the steering wheel and fix them securely. Recent training trips should be carried out with real loading equipment. This will identify and eliminate weaknesses in its mount. When planning cycling routes in Altai, one should take into account the possible average speed: on roads of the North-Western Altai (Kulunda steppe) - 10-12 km / h, in South-Western Altai (Kolyvan) - 9-11 km / h Daytime transitions can range from 40 to 100 km and average 50-60 km.
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