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Россия, Москва, Манежная ул., 7 Россия, Москва, Манежная ул., 7
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Although the Alexander Garden is considered historic, the park is actually quite young: its grand opening took place on August 30, 1821. In the past, the Neglinnaya River flowed through the territory of the modern garden. After the Patriotic War and the fire of 1812, when Moscow received significant destruction, the question arose of restoring and reconstructing the central part of the city, and in 1819-1823, 3 gardens were laid out on the site of the Neglinka channel that was removed to the underground collector by the architect Osip Bove ( ~ 350 meters, from the modern Manege Square to the Trinity Bridge), Medium (~ 382 meters, from Trinity to Borovitsky Bridge) and Nizhny (~ 132 meters, from the Borovitsky Bridge on the way down to the river). Work began by decree of Alexander I; the original gardens were simply and concisely called the Kremlin, but in 1856 they were renamed in honor of the former emperor and became Aleksandrovskie. Subsequently, the gardens ceased to be read as separate spaces, and the name settled in the singular - the Alexander Garden, but the initial boundaries between them are clearly visible today. Among other things, Bove planned to use the waters of Neglinnaya to create ornamental ponds, but the idea was not realized. The park with an area of ​​about 10 hectares has a regular layout: parallel to the Kremlin wall are 3 main alleys, along which a large number of different trees (lindens, maples, spruce) and ornamental shrubs (lilac, hawthorn, jasmine, bird cherry) are planted, blooming at different times of the year. On lawns near the alleys, flowerbeds with rose bushes and other perennial and annual flowers have been arranged. The park was decorated with a huge fountain complex, decorated with sculptures of horses and fairy tale heroes, which partially imitates the bed of the Neglinnaya River.
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