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Алтайский край, Первомайский р-н, поселок Лесной, ул Центральная Алтайский край, Первомайский р-н, поселок Лесной, ул Центральная
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The creation of an open-air museum of flight technology at the airfield of the Barnaul Aviation Sports Club (BASK) began in 2009; The exposition was collected by the graduates of the Barnaul Higher Military Aviation School and sponsors who are not indifferent to the history of aviation. For several years, the museum’s collection has been replenished with eleven airplanes, two helicopters and a TU-154 cabin. The equipment was bought and delivered from different cities of Russia and the former USSR, literally saving it from disposal. At one of the MiGs represented here, Altai pilots once learned to fly, the L-29 was on the territory of the former Barnaul flight school, the museum plane Su-25 was involved in a military conflict in Afghanistan. A pair of MiG-21 and L-39 aircraft escaped cutting and scraping thanks to the personal efforts of the Chief of Staff of BASK, pilot-instructor of the avtosport club ROSTO, Alexander Kovalev. Employees of the Aviasportclub who arrived at the airfield restore it on their own, containing donations of philanthropists at their own expense.
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