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Святыни и храмы

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Россия, Москва, ул. Варварка, 4 Россия, Москва, ул. Варварка, 4
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The chapel of Maxim the Blessed was erected after 1434 at the wooden Borisoglebsky church. The present church was built in the years 1698-1699. at the expense of merchants Maxim Sharovnikov and Maxim Verkhovitinov. The main throne of Maxim the Blessed, chapel of Maxim the Confessor. He suffered greatly from the fire of 1737. In 1827-29. A new bell tower was built. Closed not earlier than 1929, decapitated. In his premises were located. factory management and watch repair office. In 1965, restoration work began, chapters were restored and the building was transferred to the All-Russian Society for the Conservation of Nature. In 1991, by the decision of the Moscow City Council, the church was handed over to believers; since 1994, services have been resumed.
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