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г Москва, Красная пл г Москва, Красная пл
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Monument-tomb, known as the mausoleum of VI. Lenin, located on Red Square near the Kremlin wall, you can get into it through the checkpoint at the Nikolskaya Tower. Inside the building there is a lobby and a mourning hall decorated by I.I. Nivinsky, an area of ​​100 square meters. In 1945, the sarcophagus designed by K.S. Melnikov, in which Lenin's body was located, was replaced with a sarcophagus, designed by A.V. Shchusev and sculptor B.I. Yakovlev. In 1973 he was replaced by a bullet-proof sarcophagus (chief designer N. Myzin, sculptor N. V. Tomsky). The first wooden mausoleum was designed by A. V. Shchusev to the day of the funeral of Lenin January 27, 1924. This temporary version had the shape of a cube surmounted by a three-step pyramid, and only stood until the spring of 1924. In the second temporary wooden mausoleum, again created by Shchusev and installed in the spring of 1924, tribunes were added to the stepped volume from both sides. The third, now existing version of reinforced concrete, with brick walls, granite lining, marble, labrador and raspberry quartzite, was created in 1929–1930 according to the project of A.V. Schuseva with a team of authors. In 1930, on the sides of the mausoleum, new guest stands (architect IA French) appeared. In 1945, the central tribune of the mausoleum was built. In 2013, the reconstruction was carried out. During the Great Patriotic War, in July 1941, Lenin's body was evacuated to Tyumen, in April 1945 he was returned to Moscow. In 1953–1961, Stalin's body was also in the mausoleum, and the mausoleum was called “Mausoleum V.I. Lenin and I.V. Stalin. " The entrance to the mausoleum is free; when visiting, you must follow certain rules: it is necessary to keep a semicircle around the sarcophagus, keeping silence and not staying at the coffin. It is forbidden to keep hands in the pockets of clothes; men need to take off their headgear. It is prohibited to carry with you photographic and video equipment, mobile phones with a camera, carry bags, backpacks, bags, large metal objects and bottles with liquid (those who wish can pay for the luggage service in the building of the State Historical Museum). The first wooden version of the mausoleum had no tribune. Later, the mausoleum was used as a tribune, on which political leaders and the Soviet government, military leaders appeared, as well as guests of honor during various kinds of celebrations on Red Square (first of all, the parade on May 1 and the parade on November 7, and from 1965 onwards). ). Since 1997, the leaders of the state have been in parades on temporary stands each time during parades. During festive events (parades, concerts) the mausoleum has been closed with shields since 2005.
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Anonymous (иван) 7 months ago
Живу в Москве и не разу не был в мавзолении В.И.Ленина.Решил сходить.Первое что впечатлило-очередь.Не думал что так много людей ходят сюда.Ну и,конечно,сама усыпальница-всё чинно и торжественно.Но больше не пойду-как в могиле.
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