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Москва, ул. Ильинка, д. 4 Москва, ул. Ильинка, д. 4
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The Museum of Perfumery Art, created in 2009 by the perfumery factory "New Dawn", is located on the second floor of the company salon-shop in the building of Gostiny Dvor. The museum occupies two rooms; the first one is devoted to the art of perfumery, its history and development in different countries, and the second tells about the rich history of the perfume factory “Novaya Zarya”. The exposition is based on a collection assembled by the factory director Antonina Vitkovskaya. The history of perfumery art is represented by various exhibits, including the ritual Egyptian vessels, the ancient French “perfumer set”, toilet bottles and powder boxes a hundred years old, as well as half-meter advertising bottles from the windows of perfume shops of the XIX century. The factory "Brokar and K °" was founded in 1864 by Russified Frenchman Heinrich Brokar and for decades remained the leading perfumery industry in Russia. After 1917, it became State Soap Plant No. 5, and in 1922 it received its current name.
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