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Москва, ул. Летняя, д.1, корп.1 Москва, ул. Летняя, д.1, корп.1
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The Museum-Reserve "Lyublino", part of the Moscow State United Museum-Reserve - is primarily the palace of N.A. Durasov and the ensemble of the estate "Lyublino". It was built in the years 1801 - 1806; The palace was designed by the Moscow architects R. Kazakov and I. Egotov.  Near the palace there was a large complex of theater buildings: a theater, the house of the manager and a theater school building. The serf theater in Lublin created fame for its master; at the beginning of the XIX century, he was among the twenty largest serf theaters in Russia. Led the theater and taught the artists a wonderful actor and writer-playwright P.A.Plavilshchikov.  Not far from the theater there was an outbuilding, where a boarding house for noble children, led by a French teacher, and a huge greenhouse were located. In addition, the complex of buildings included a equestrian courtyard and several household structures. Almost all the historical buildings of the manor have reached our time, although in the XX century they were rebuilt. The park surrounding the estate was laid out in the English style - this is the so-called landscape park. There are still preserved ancient planting of garden trees - apples, pears, cherries and plums, as well as raspberry shrubs. There are about five thousand trees and bushes in the territory of the modern park.
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