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Россия, Москва, Пушкинская наб. Россия, Москва, Пушкинская наб.
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The oldest park in Moscow is located on the right bank of the Moscow River, is part of the TsKPiO them. Gorky, covers the territory from the Green Theater to the Third Ring Road. Formed in 1834 as a result of the merger of the gardens of three estates of the XVII century. It has preserved many architectural monuments, including the house of Count Orlov of 1796 (now there is a library and reading room), a house with a rotunda on the banks of the Elizabethan pond, a three-span stone arch bridge, marches and bridges over the ravines. The beginning of the garden was laid by plants transported from the botanical garden of the city of Solikamsk, in which about 2 thousand plants were collected specifically for the garden. There were many stone greenhouses in it, where there were palm trees and trees from hot countries, and on the fifth from the top of the site there was a large pond and a poultry house with rare birds and animals from Holland and England. In addition, ground sheds and greenhouses served for the cultivation of pineapples, grapes and the germination of other plants.
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