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г Москва, ул Маршала Василевского г Москва, ул Маршала Василевского
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The natural-historical park was created in 1998 on the basis of the Pokrovsk-Streshnevsky Forest Park, which has existed since 1935. The park has beautiful pine plantations (more than 75 hectares), whose average age is about 155 years. Hardwood plantations occupy 42% of the area: the main species are birch, linden, oak, elm, and their age is 85 years. On the territory of the park there are unique natural objects “Spring Swan”, “Valley of the Khimki River”. There are 8 species of mammals and about 50 species of birds. On the territory of the park there is a unique architectural and park ensemble of the XVII – XIX centuries - the manor of the Streshnev clan Pokrovskoe-Glebovo-Streshnevo, which is a monument of landscape art.
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