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Святыни и храмы

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респ Бурятия, Курумканский р-н респ Бурятия, Курумканский р-н
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It is located 5 km west of the village of Elasun, 23 km south of the village of Baraghan (on the road), in the Nizhny Kuytun district of the Kurumkansky region. . Opposite the suburgan rises Mount Barkhan-Uul, which seems to protect the peace of Sooda Llama. The foundation is a brick, gravestone cast-iron slab in Buddhist design, cast and delivered from St. Petersburg. Dust Soodoy Lama bricked up in the suburga. In the center of the stupa is the image Soodoy Lama. Suburgan faces south, in front of him is a strike board. The height of the stupa is 5 m. Next to the stupa there is a prayer house, and in it is an altar with the image of Sooda Lama. The size of the house is 2 × 2 m. Not far from the house there is a goddess on four pillars. Inside there are images of Sodai llama, zula, khadaki, clay sats; next to the lady of gods are the hurde under a gable roof on two pillars. 1894 g. Tseden Soodoev was elected rector of the Barguzin datsan. In 1896, as part of the delegation of the Barguzin Buryats, he participated in the celebrations on the occasion of the coronation of Nicholas II and was awarded the "Big Gold Medal". In 1908-1914, together with his friend, associate Aranjaba, visited countries - India, Ceylon, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Japan. Soma lama had a wide range of knowledge, perfectly mastered astrology (zurkhaysha erdemten), methods of traditional medicine based on Tibetan treatises, visited in Moscow, St. Petersburg; abroad, he adequately represented his people, his culture. The lama had extraordinary abilities: he could cross the river on the surface of the water, climb the steep slopes of Barkhan-Uula, soaring slightly, and remained dry in the rain, etc. He was recognized as a reincarnate Indian the philosopher Nagarjuna (II century AD) - the founder of the Mahayana Buddhist teachings. In April 1916, Sooda Lama died, he died at the age of 71. In the 1970s, on the initiative of C.-B. H. Erdyniyev residents with. Elysun raised funds, laid down a brick foundation and put a cast-iron suburgan on it in honor of Sooda Lama.
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