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Sümöd keel is a thin birch bark, tightly stretched between the lips of the performer, framed by a wooden block. It is believed that the predecessor of this musical instrument is a grassy leaf, sandwiched between the thumbs. The suemi keel is a tool of relatively high tessitura (the second is the third octave). The timbre of this instrument is very diverse. It depends on the thickness, length, tension of the film, as well as the position of the mouth. When blowing in a jet of air, breaking on the thin face of the ribbon, it oscillates. The technique of playing on the suemi keel is that the birch bark tape is stretched or lowered with the fingers of the hand, and the oscillating part of the ribbon is shortened or lengthened by moving the fingers, which makes the sound correspondingly higher or lower. Playing on it, you can simulate the voices of birds. There is a legend about the appearance of tunes on the birch bark ribbon. It reads: “I went fishing on a fisherman, he had only five Merezh (" vet vetel "), so the catch was bad. When he came back, he saw a flying bird. This bird, as if teasing, began to shout after him: “Wit is breeze, Wit is breeze!”. The fisherman thought that the bird was teasing him, because he catches only with five merezhez and suggests that we must “Wit vetel, twist the vet!” (Five merezh, twist the merezhi!). The fisherman was offended and nicknamed the bird “Vit vetel”. ”This bird in the Komi language is called“ Vador Kai ”(translated bird near the water). She shouts: “... Vit, Vit, Vit! Vity, Vity, Vity! Her ringing voice and portrayed the game on the birch bark.
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