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Онежская набережная, Россия, Республика Карелия, Петрозаводск Онежская набережная, Россия, Республика Карелия, Петрозаводск
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For independent travelers within the framework of the project “Modern Old Town: Cross-Border Cultural Tourism” (PS Karelia ENPI Program), the Center for Cultural Initiatives has created visual markers to indicate and indicate routes to the most interesting objects of Petrozavodsk. Designer Sergey Treshkin used various images associated with Karelia, which were named: “Petroglyph”, “Dome”, “Fish”, “Sparrow”, “Ship”. Markers are art objects with informational plates in two languages, in their center there is a stylized map of the center of Petrozavodsk. The art objects are located on five sites: in the Governor’s Park - closer to ul. Herzen and E. Lennrot Finno-Ugric School; at the Puppet Theater (right), from the intersection of K. Marx Avenue with Pushkinskaya Street to Onega Embankment, in the quarter of historic buildings; in front of the Administration of Petrozavodsk urban district, closer to the Rotunda on the lawn along the embankment.
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