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Россия, Москва, Воробьевская наб. Россия, Москва, Воробьевская наб.
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The park was named after the village of Vorobiyovo, which existed here in the Middle Ages. At the end of the 15th century, Princess Sophia Vitovtovna, daughter of Grand Duke of Lithuania Vitovt and wife of Grand Duke of Moscow Vasily I, bought the village of Vorobievo from an Orthodox priest, nicknamed Sparrow. According to one version, it is to him that Sparrow owes his name. After the sale, the village became first the grand-ducal, and then the royal summer residence. Since the end of the 19th century, Sparrow Hills is a popular summer residence. In the years 1924-1991, Sparrow Hills were called Lenin Hills in honor of Lenin. The name of the area "Lenin Hills" was unofficial, it was introduced into use by Lazar Kaganovich. It was common: officially the Sparrow Hills always remained the Sparrow Hills. Today, this park offers the most magnificent and beautiful view of Moscow - it’s not for nothing that the capital’s most famous observation deck is located here.
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