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г Москва, ул Воздвиженка г Москва, ул Воздвиженка
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Vozdvizhenka Street runs from Manezhnaya Street to the Arbat Gates Square, parallel to Znamenka and Bolshaya Nikitskaya streets. The street owes its name to the monastery of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross of the Lord, founded at the turn of the XV – XVI centuries (not preserved). It was formed at the end of the 15th century on the spot of a part of the ancient road connecting Moscow with Smolensk. In the 16th – 17th centuries, Vozdvizhenka was settled by the Moscow nobility, the most prominent representatives of the Moscow boyars lived here. In the second half of the 18th century, the appearance of the street changed dramatically: mansions of the Moscow aristocracy appeared on the site of the former boyars' courtyards. Vozdvizhenka goes to the Moscow Kremlin: the State Kremlin Palace hosts major international forums and conferences, film festivals and presentations of prestigious projects, concerts of world stars and annual dramatized proms and Christmas Kremlin trees.
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