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г Москва, Пресненский р-н, Пресненская наб, д 2 г Москва, Пресненский р-н, Пресненская наб, д 2
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The newest ten-hall cinema "Formula Kino City" is located in Moscow in the shopping center "Afimall City". The cinema occupies more than 9000 sq. M. and is located in the most modern district of Moscow - Moscow City. The multiplex features the first IMAX Sapphire hall in Europe, combining the most advanced IMAX film screening technology and all the amenities of a VIP hall. Five out of ten cinema halls are equipped for watching 3D films. All rooms have chairs with mobile backs. In the lobby of the cinema there are 2 movie bars where you can buy fresh popcorn, chips, sandwiches, soft drinks, milkshakes, beer, tea, coffee, desserts and ice cream. And all this you can take with you to the hall.
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