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Москва, Лужнецкая набережная, 24 Москва, Лужнецкая набережная, 24
+7 495 785-97-17 +7 495 785-97-17
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The main building of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex is the Grand Sports Arena, the famous stadium, which hosts major sporting events. It was built in 1956 in record time - in just 450 days. A special feature of the BSA was an unusual at that time architectural composition aimed at universal use of the stadium. Tribunes are oriented exactly according to the directions of the parts of the world and are named respectively Northern, Western, Eastern and Southern. The central arena has a regular, close to ellipse shape.  "Luzhniki" - the largest stadium in Russia - seats more than 80 thousand spectators. The large sports arena is equal in height to an 8-story building and has 4 floors. Under its stands there is a whole sports city, 15 training halls, a medical fitness center, and even a hotel and a cinema. In 1957, the Museum of Sport was opened here. By the XXII Summer Olympic Games of 1980, the rooms under the Western stand were equipped according to international standards with rooms for guests of honor, the judiciary and the main press center. Under the Eastern podium appeared restorative functional-diagnostic center, service centers for athletes and doping control.
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