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Алтайский край, с. Власиха, ул. Сосновая, 27. Алтайский край, с. Власиха, ул. Сосновая, 27.
+7 913 251-33-65 +7 913 251-33-65
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Established in 1995, a farm for breeding ostriches for ten years has become a spacious contact zoo. All ranchers have summer open-air cages and winter houses, plus large walking areas. Some animals are allowed to go, iron and feed carrots, bread, breadcrumbs, apples and cabbage. Llamas, chickens and roosters, and sometimes ostriches freely walk on the territory. They can be photographed. And still children here ride donkeys and pigs. Among the ranchers there are African ostriches and Australian emus, Indian peacocks and Chinese pheasants, Bactrian camels, Vietnamese vislobryuhye and guinea pigs, goats, mountain sheep, reindeer, ponies, yaks, giant rabbits, more than 20 species of ornamental chickens and waterfowl - ducks, black swans, geese, badgers, hedgehogs, owls and golden eagles. The farm welcomes guests and excursions during the warmer months - from May to October. On its territory there is an observation deck with a picturesque view of the forest and the river. In the gazebo near the central house, the hosts treat guests free of charge with tea, coffee, honey, buns and cookies. And on the farm you can buy ostrich eggs.
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