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Россия, Санкт-Петербург, Владимирский просп., 21 Россия, Санкт-Петербург, Владимирский просп., 21
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Externally, the shopping complex seems small, but this impression is deceptive. The shopping center is quite large, besides it has 5 floors. The total area of ​​the Vladimirsky Passage is 27,000 m². Shopping center occupies 4 floors. The Vladimirsky Passage shopping center occupies the building of the profitable house of I.V. von Besser in 1904. This is the construction of Finnish architects in the style of northern modernity. In September 1901, Baron von Besser announced a competition for building restructuring projects. A new project was commissioned by architect Shulman. After the reconstruction, the coat of arms of the homeowner was located above the entrance arch, which can be seen even now, on the sides of the building is the coat of arms of St. Petersburg. In 1979, this house was put up for renovation, but it did not take place, and the house remained in neglect, which led to its decay. In 2001–2003, the building was reconstructed for the Vladimirsky Passage shopping center. The shopping center in the mansion was opened in 2003. In “Vladimirsky Passage” you can buy clothes, shoes of well-known trading brands, souvenirs and gifts, products for the home and garden, goods for children and much more. On each floor there is one category of goods. The service sector is represented by beauty salons, a sports club, a tanning studio. Visitors to the center can go to various cafes, bars and restaurants, visit a cinema, a pharmacy, find the necessary ATMs and banks. There is also a fitness center, a children's entertainment center, a relaxation area, a solarium, and even a sauna. The shopping center includes a food supermarket open 24 hours, as well as a hotel, which is very useful when the shopping center is located in the heart of the city. TC "Vladimirsky Passage" provides customers with many services, among which there is a popular service - a free consultation of a stylist, held every fourth Thursday of the month. Schedule free stylist advice can be found on the store website.
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