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г Москва, ул Профсоюзная, д 64 к 2 г Москва, ул Профсоюзная, д 64 к 2
+7 495 988-57-94 +7 495 988-57-94
+7 499 450-26-83 +7 499 450-26-83
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Working hours:
MON 24 Hours
TUE 24 Hours
WED 24 Hours
THU 24 Hours
FRI 24 Hours
SAT 24 Hours
SUN 24 Hours
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The hotel has apartments of various classes, so guests can always choose the right room, be it a standard room or a suite. The prices in our hotel are very loyal. We make sure that even the cheapest rooms are always kept in order and equipped with modern appliances and new furniture. Compare our prices given the high quality of service with other metropolitan hotels, and you will see how affordable our price is. In the staff of the hotel at Profsoyuznaya there are only highly qualified personnel who know how to create comfortable conditions for guests.
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