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респ Бурятия, Курумканский р-н, улус Алла респ Бурятия, Курумканский р-н, улус Алла
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The stone gate (Uuden-Shulun) is located in the Khara-Hoshun area, at the foot of the Ikat ridge. The length of this ridge is over 70 meters, width is 15-20 meters. The height of the "walls" - 10-15 meters. Stone gates are revered as a sacred place. Legends are associated with them by local residents, one of which says: childless spouses, having passed through these “Stone gates”, would soon become happy parents. Above, east of the “Stone Gate”, the uncool, flat green hill Bayan-Tolgoi towers, which in Buryat means “rich peak” or “rich head”. On this mountain earlier there was Munkhan - a small hut-chapel. In Munkhan there were shelves with lamps, burkhans, Khurde and other items. From time to time, in the spring, before sowing, Buryats and livestock breeders from the neighboring villages came to pray, ask for the preservation of livestock, so that the houses were all healthy, that there was a rich harvest of grain, hay to be enough, in short, about well-being, and to bring dairy products.
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