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Нижегородская область, г. Нижний Новгород, Сормовский район, пос. Копосово Нижегородская область, г. Нижний Новгород, Сормовский район, пос. Копосово
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Koposovskaya oak forest - a natural monument of regional importance and a recreation area of ​​Nizhny Novgorod. It is located in the Volga floodplain within the boundaries of Nizhny Novgorod near the village of Koposovo, Sormovsky District. Koposovskaya oak forest is a pure oak forest consisting of trees up to 25 meters high and up to 250-300 years old. In the forest and in open spaces there are nightingales, wormtails, leash warbler, common lentils, chaffinch, garden glutton, fieldbird, common hawk hawk, gray-headed woodpecker and other birds, including those listed in the Red Book of the Nizhny Novgorod Region. Koposovskaya oak is also a historical place. Before the revolution, workers gathered for meetings and rallies. And during the Great Patriotic War here, in anticipation of sending to the front, under the shelter of centuries-old oaks, tanks made at the Red Sormovo factory were stored.
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