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Приморский край, Шкотовский р-н, село Новороссия Приморский край, Шкотовский р-н, село Новороссия
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Around the top of the Livadia peak (Pidan), well-known in the Primorye Territory, in the forest undergrowth there are amazingly beautiful streams and mountain springs. The water in the streams is crystal clear and very cold. The keys around the mystical mountains form picturesque backwaters, sills, small cascades of waterfalls. Anyone can see the streams of Pidan, inspection does not require endurance and special physical training. Even the area around Mount Pidan is saturated with secrets and legends. So there is a legend that above the summit is a fresh lake, from which streams and mountain springs flow. Even Vladimir Arsenyev, in his studies of Primorye, wrote about a man flying over the streams of Pidan. Annual witnesses appear, who also saw a flying man. According to scientists, this spirit can protect these places and protect the mountain from evil.
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