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респ Хакасия, Усть-Абаканский р-н, аал Доможаков респ Хакасия, Усть-Абаканский р-н, аал Доможаков
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Raw horseflesh flesh chopped in a trough with a chop, add pieces of bacon, onions or garlic, salt and black pepper. This mixture is filled with raw guts, well washed with cold water. To do this, take a gut 30-40 cm long, tie it at one end with a thick thread, then turn the gut out. The gut is stuffed with minced meat and knotted the second end. Khiyma is put in a bowl with hot water and cooked until ready. There should be enough water so that it only covers hymyma. The dish is served on the table hot, cut into pieces and poured with fat, removed from the fresh broth. As a side dish use wild garlic and greens. Horse meat khimu is often served cold. It can be served hot broth, cooked when cooking horse meat.
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