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Москва, Кремль Москва, Кремль
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The memorial cemetery near the Kremlin wall on Red Square is probably the most famous necropolis of Moscow, and perhaps the whole of Russia. The first burials appeared here in November 1917. During the October armed uprising in Moscow, a lot of people were killed on a weekly street fighting both from the other side. The Moscow Military Revolutionary Committee decided to bury the dead who were in favor of the Bolsheviks - soldiers, workers, sailors - on Red Square. Two mass graves were dug up between the Kremlin wall and the tram rails passing through Red Square. The funeral took place on November 10, 1917; 238 dead went to a mass grave, and only 57 of them were able to be identified. Lenin made a speech at the opening of the necropolis. Mourning processions from 11 districts of Moscow passed to Red Square, their routes were published in newspapers the day before. In 1919, Jacob Sverdlov was buried in Red Square, and later a necropolis appeared in a peculiar center - Lenin's Mausoleum. Several more mass graves appeared here later. The burials near the Kremlin wall became a peculiar tradition: the graves lay along it, she herself became a columbarium for urns with ashes. Thus, F. Dzerzhinsky, M. Kalinin, S. Budyonny and other political figures are buried in the graves near the walls of the Kremlin; the remains of K. Tsetkin, Y. Gagarin, M. Gorky are placed in the Kremlin wall.
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