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респ Бурятия, Кяхтинский р-н, г Кяхта респ Бурятия, Кяхтинский р-н, г Кяхта
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Sudzhinskoe cemetery is an ancient burial ground, located 23 km north of Kyakhta, in the Ilm pad. This is one of the most famous monuments of the Hunn era: it has about 320 graves. The first archaeological excavations were carried out here in 1896 by Yu.D. Talko-Gryntsevich, who investigated 33 graves and determined their belonging to the Hun. Subsequently, the burial ground was studied by G.P. Sosnovsky, A.P. Okladnikov, V.P. Shilov, A.V. Davydova, P. B. Konovalov, S.V. Danilov.Sudzhinskoe cemetery dates from the 1st century BC. The largest burial site is a rectangular barrow with sides measuring 25 by 30 m, with an entrance-dromos up to 17 m long. Under the embankment there is a grave pit with a depth of 8.5 m, divided by stone partitions into ten compartments. At the bottom of the pit was a log house, in which a coffin covered with silk was placed. Burial destroyed by robbers. The graves of ordinary Huns are of the same type: they are low mounds with a diameter of 6–10 m and a depth of 1.5–3.5 m. There are remnants of clothing and a few inventory in them.
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