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The Botanical Garden of Barcelona (Jardi Botanic de Barcelona) is located on the mountain of Montjuïc, on a slope that was previously occupied by a city dump. It is located at the marina, between the historic fortress of Montjuic (with the MNAC museum) and the Olympic Stadium. The territory of the garden is located in steps, like a huge green amphitheater. The natural complex occupies 14 hectares. There are eight zones, demarcated by a maze of tracks in 87 local areas with characteristic vegetation. The garden was created by a group of landscape architects and gardeners of various specializations; work began in 1991. Montjuic has become a topographic model with natural landscapes for the flora of different world regions. In the lower part of the exposition they placed a lake, made several artificial streams, waterfalls. Due to the abundance of water, it was possible to create a region with a lower temperature and to grow plants that require a cooler climate. The Barcelona Jardi Botanic opened in spring 1999. In the "Australian" zone of the garden you can see cypress, acacia and juniper trees. In the "California forest" grow pines, oaks and strawberry trees, chaparral blossoms. The smallest, but also the most picturesque area belongs to the plants of South Africa: here are dominated by evergreens, succulents. In the Chilean zone, the landscapes are diverse: the spiny deciduous forest Espinal is adjacent to the bright flora of mountain ranges and the huge echinopsis cacti. The plants of the Mediterranean basin are divided into four subareas: the Western Mediterranean (including the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands), the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa, the Canaries. In a separate garden pavilion a collection of 210 unique bonsai is exhibited.
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