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г Севастополь, Балаклава г Севастополь, Балаклава
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The Chernorechensky reservoir is the largest freshwater reservoir of the Crimea (it feeds the whole of Sevastopol). Water from it enters the water supply system of the city of Sevastopol and is used for irrigation of fields. But it is not only an important water management facility, but also a very beautiful artificial lake surrounded by picturesque mountains. The water comes from the melting of snow, rain, springs and waters of the Black River, the source of which is the Skelsky spring near the village of Rodnikovoye. In 2014–2015, we had to drill deep wells in order to replenish the reserves of the beginning of the shallow reservoir. The reservoir is located in the center of the Baidar valley - the intermountain basin on the border between the First and Second ridges of the Crimean Mountains. 18 km north of the village of Foros. This area is called the Crimean Switzerland due to its mild climate and characteristic mountain landscapes: a clear lake located at an absolute elevation of 244 m is surrounded by wooded mountains up to 1 km high.
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