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респ Крым, г Керчь респ Крым, г Керчь
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Mountain in the center of Kerch, on which the ancient city of Panticapaeum was located. Named after the Pontic king Mithridates VI Eupator, who died here as a result of the political and military struggle against the Romans. This is the name that means "the gift of Mithra" (the Persian god of the sun). Historically, this name was borne by the six kings of Ponta in Asia Minor, the last of which - Mithridates VI Eupator - was a dangerous opponent of the Romans. Mithridates, who ruled in Iberia (modern Georgia), the Roman emperor Vespasian (ruled 69-79) helped repel the invasions of the Alans. The four kings of Parthia were also named Mithridates. Currently, by its geographical location - the geographical center of the city of Kerch. It is the cultural center of the city of Kerch, containing a large number of monuments of Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the New Age. The top of the mountain connects with the center of the great Mithridat staircase - a magnificent work in the style of classicism by the Italian architect Alexander Digby. On the mountain is a memorial of military glory who fell during the liberation of Kerch during the Great Patriotic War - the Obelisk of Glory to the Immortal Heroes on Mount Mithridates. To go to the mountain and see the memorial, you need to go through 436 steps (there used to be about 300; now they have been participated). In June 2015, there was a partial collapse of the stairs. Repairs are scheduled for 2016-2017. The amount of repair - 1.5 billion rubles. From the mountain offers a great view of the city and the Kerch Bay. There are 3 ZIS-3 cannons on the memorial.
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