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Millions of years ago, on the site of Catalonia, there was a sea, subsequently the seabed reared and turned into a mountain range. Then, due to the convergence of the glacier, the Pyrenees were formed. A mountain of Montserrat broke away from the main ridge and is located alone. The height of the mountain is 1236 meters, its length is 10 km, and its width is 5 km. The mountain is so unusual that it causes both delight and awe. The huge bald cliffs that make up the mountain rise like idols. Narrow channels resemble bizarre patterns, and dark caves give Montserrat a special mystery to the whole look. In clear weather, the peak is visible from afar, and on cloudy it is hidden in the fog, and it seems that the clouds are clinging to the stones. The enchanting beauty of the mountain with its numerous stone peaks served as a source of inspiration for many artists, musicians and poets. Numerous legends are associated with the mountain. One of them says that once the angels came down to the mountain, but they became bored from the surrounding landscape, and they sawed the mountain in half and decorated it with various figures. Since then, the mountain has been nicknamed Montserrat, which means the sawn mountain. And the inhabitants of the quaint stone formations gave such names as God's finger, the Face of St. Virgin, the Head of an elephant, the Camel. To the foot of the mountain can be reached by car or bus on the motorway or by train, which departs from the Plaza de España in Barcelona. Further up the hill you can climb on the cremalier (mountain train), by cable car or on foot. Further further to the very top of the mountain are the funiculars. From there there are 3 hiking routes. In addition, on Montserrat is the famous monastery "Montserrat", attracting millions of tourists every year.
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