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The island of Ile du Friul is one of the islands of the archipelago of the same name, located near Marseille. Once there was an outpost of the defense of the city, and now there is a magnificent natural reserve. The island’s climate is very dry - there is even less rain here than in Marseille. Lush greenery is absent in these parts due to constant strong winds, but Friulle contains all specimens of Provence flora, including rare endemic species. On the hills and mountains of the island you can walk for hours, admiring the magnificent nature, swimming in secluded deserted places and exploring the mysterious ruins. On the way to the Ile du Friul, the guides will tell you where the Phocians, Etruscans, Normans and Romans came from, and how the unique local warning system worked through the watchtowers. Then they will show you the entrance to the beautiful underwater cave with wall inscriptions of the Late Paleolithic era, where in a short time local authorities are planning to open a museum. Not far from the island there are two sunken Greek ships that were once surveyed by the great traveler Jacques-Yves-Cousteau. On the east side of Friul, tourists have a view of the place of death of Saint-Exupery.
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