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Севастополь, Балаклава, с. Родниковское Севастополь, Балаклава, с. Родниковское
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Another gorge, worthy of the most enthusiastic reviews, surrounds the river Uzundzha. This small river, eleven kilometers long, however, turned out to be persistent enough to cut a path to the Baidar Valley for itself in the rock. Uzundzha begins from the source Suuk-Su, which is just above the overthrown waters of the waterfall of the same name. After passing through the picturesque canyon, the river flows into the Black River near the source of the latter. Uzundzha River originates on the tops of the main ridge of the Crimean Mountains and flows through the exhibition part of the Baidar valley, falling into the Chernorechensky reservoir. To the east of the village of Rodnikovskoe, it forms a limestone canyon with mini-waterfalls, lakes, and rapids. In the summer, the Uzundja River almost completely dries up. The length of the canyon is about 2 kilometers. It is only necessary to add that the trip along this canyon is simpler and shorter than along Chernorechensky. The option to continue the route is the path along the Uzunji tributary of the Topshanar River, which in spring is sufficiently high for small cascading waterfalls.
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