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The Red Sea is located in the tectonic basin separating the Arabian Peninsula from Africa. This is the saltiest of all the seas that are part of the oceans. Its area is 450 thousand km ², and the volume of water is 251 thousand km ³. The length of the Red Sea varies from 1932 to 2350 kilometers, and its width is from 305 to 360 kilometers. The Suez and Aqaba bays are located in the north of the sea. The depth of the latter reaches large values, up to about two kilometers, due to a large fault passing through it. The water of the Red Sea is crystal clear because no river flows into it, carrying sand and silt with it. This is its characteristic feature. The salt content in one liter of water is 41 grams. For comparison, we give statistics: in the Black Sea - 18 grams, in the Baltic Sea - 5 grams, and in the open ocean - 34 grams of salt per liter of water. About 2000 mm of liquid evaporates from the Red Sea in a year, and about 100 mm of precipitation falls, and then only during the winter months. Read full story at: https://www.rutraveller.ru/place/7256
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