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Manhattan Beach is a residential area in Brooklyn, one of the boroughs of New York. It is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the south and east, in the north it borders Sheepshead Bay, and Brighton Beach in the west. Traditionally known as the region of residence of Italians and Ashkenazi Jews, there are also many Sephardic Jews living there. In recent years, the number of immigrants from the countries of the former USSR, mainly Jews, has increased. Street names were borrowed from England. Streets are listed alphabetically from A to P. The area itself was named for the beach, located on the eastern tip of Coney Island. The development of the area began in the last quarter of the XIX century. It was assumed that the area will be built as a resort area. He supervised the construction of Austin Corbin, later President of the Long Island Railway. A street was named in his honor. Law enforcement in Manhattan Beach is carried out by employees of the 61st Division of the New York City Police Department.
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