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Греция, Athina, Leoforos Vasilisis Amalias Греция, Athina, Leoforos Vasilisis Amalias
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If you are in the very center of Athens, there is no better place to relax than the National Garden. A real oasis right in the center of the Greek capital, behind the parliament building, will give you pleasant minutes (or hours) in the shade of ancient trees, under the chirp of exotic birds. The garden is located in the "Roman" part of the city, created under the emperor Hadrian, in ancient times on its territory was an ancient sacred grove of Lyceum. The garden was laid by the first queen of independent Greece, Amalie, wife of King Otto, and was originally called "Royal." The formation of the garden began in 1839-1840. planting 15,000 ornamental plants brought from Milan. Then the plants came from Europe and North Africa, and, of course, from different parts of Greece. In 1923, a garden of more than 15 hectares became public property and was renamed the “National Garden”. Today, a visitor to the Garden can wander along shady paths or relax in a cozy gazebo or on a bench, admire hundreds of species of trees, shrubs and other plants and some species of animals and birds, ponds with turtles and fish, traditional buildings, antique fragments (Roman mosaic villas, marble architectural elements), sundials and busts of prominent Greek personalities. On its territory there are also a children's library and a playground. Many of the trees growing today are the same age as the garden itself and, in fact, “natural monuments”, so the National Garden can be called a green open-air museum.
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