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Испания, Barcelona, Passeig dels Castanyers, 1 Испания, Barcelona, Passeig dels Castanyers, 1
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Park "Labyrinth of Orta" - one of the oldest and mysterious parks of the Catalan capital. For inexplicable reasons, it is far from being included in all the guidebooks or the various “must see” of Barcelona. Not a single route of a two-storied tourist bass passes through it either. So you will not hear the loud calls “dear friends, look to the left.” Instead, peace and quiet of the old manor and its mysterious labyrinth. The construction of the labyrinth began in 1791 by the order of the owners of the Desvalls family manor. They invited the best French and Italian masters and began designing the garden. The park itself is located on a mountain, so its entire territory is conventionally divided into the lower, middle and upper zones. The labyrinth is located at the bottom of the park and consists of a cypress hedge 750 meters long and 2.5 meters high. At the entrance to the labyrinth the marble god of love Eros was playfully located. At first glance it may seem that the labyrinth itself is small. But do not give in to deceptive impressions, getting lost here is easier than ever! By the way, we advise you to come to this park in the summer, when the trees have already managed to fully blossom and turn green, and the rest of the plants - to bloom in violent color. It was at this time the labyrinth, and the park itself as a whole, is most impressive. And do not be afraid of the summer heat, secluded places with shadow to hide from the scorching sun, there is enough for everyone. The spirit of romance in the park is literally everywhere: a secluded Italian-style pergola, a pavilion dedicated to nine muses, an abandoned pond, a waterfall, and humpback bridges across the canal, which is called “Romantic”. The channel, by the way, leads to a small island. Guess the name yourself, of course, this is “Island of Love”!
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