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Испания, Barcelona, Avinguda Diagonal, 708 Испания, Barcelona, Avinguda Diagonal, 708
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One of the most secluded and beautiful places in Barcelona is Cervantes Park, aka Cervantes Rose Garden. Surprisingly, even at weekends there are almost no people here. Local sit quietly on the secluded benches with a book, and tourists rarely arrive here. But we strongly recommend that you spend 15 minutes on the metro from Plaça Catalunya and look at this pink wonder. In the vast territory of the park (8 hectares) about 2,000 different varieties of roses have been collected, and the number of bushes exceeds 10,000. It is best to come here in May-July, when the roses are at the peak of their flowering. The rosary is divided into 43 plots, each of them is devoted to a particular topic and territory. Here are collected varieties from different parts of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America. There are huge, almost half of the head size, and there are very tiny dwarf roses. The most beautiful place in the park is perhaps a semicircular pergola, which contains 233 varieties of climbing roses. Cultivation of roses in the Catalan capital was interested for a long time and in the early twentieth century began to hold all sorts of festivals and competitions. The beginning of the dictatorship Franco, unfortunately, changed this situation, the pink holidays were considered an absurd whim and until the end of the century they were hardly engaged in colors. Since 2001, annual roses competitions have been resumed in Barcelona, ​​and the venue for them was the park of Cervantes, reconstructed a few years before. Still thinking how to diversify your beach-city leisure? Collect a picnic basket and go! Even on the hottest day, you can find a pleasant shade with the soft aroma of your favorite flowers.
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